About me

I am a PhD researcher in Machine Learning at Imperial College London supervised by Mark van der Wilk. I am currently also a visiting student at the University of Oxford. Previously, I worked as a research scientist at Babylon Health.


I am generally interested in researching useful inductive biases for building robust systems. I believe Causality and Bayesian ideas to be key for this. Currently, I have been working on developing flexible approaches to causal discovery using Bayesian model selection, with the aim of applying causal discovery to real world problems. I also hope to use insights from this in improving robustness and generalistion of machine learning systems. Feel free to reach out if any of these topics interest you.

A non-exhaustive list of topics I am interested in:

  • Causality: causal discovery, effect estimation, representation learning
  • Model selection: Bayesian model selection, MDL
  • Bayesian methods: Bayesian deep learning, Gaussian processes, probabilistic models, inference methods
  • Deep learning: Local learning rules, generalisation
  • Information theory: Kolmogorov complexity, information bottleneck